History N360 und N600

The History of the little Honda N600:
Until now, there is only one source, who gives me detailed information about the Honda N360 and Honda N600. The source is the book from Joachim Kuch "Japanische Automobile". If there will be additional information about this litlle tiny cars, feel free and provide me with this information.

The N360 (4395DM) debutes in September of 1967, after the exhibtion "Frankfurter Autoschau", in Germany and was purchased until 1969. The N600 started at the end of 1968 (4894DM) and was purchased until 1974. It is a common meaning, that there were no new cars sold at the end of 1972. At spring time, the N600G was coming up (5599DM), which has very good accessories , like a gearshift console, wooden dashboard, chromed speedometer, three spoke steering wheel and revolution counter.

I have found the following numbers of cars in Germany. It is both, N and S cars, but the S were built in very small quantities.

HONDA-Cars in Germany


In May 2003, I asked Honda, how many cars were be built, see the answer below.

N II ? 220,585
N III? 205,739
N600E ? 64,644

In sum, that will be 593658 cars.
In US, there were 40586 Honda's sold.

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